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Weekly Watchlist

Upon joining, every member is given access to a weekly watchlist. It's made to give members updates on important economic topics that could move the markets.


We use some of the best bots on the market to bring you an elevated trading experience. They give you up to date news as it drops, real time options order flow, analyst ratings and much much more.

Private Chats for 1-on-1 support

Admins will be available for 1-on-1 support to answer any questions you may have.


We're a community and all communities want their members to be the best. Basically a forum of people from all sorts of backgrounds with 1 thing in common, LEVELING UP. The vibes are great so it's easy for new people to join and hit the ground running.


No project can be great if the people running it aren't passionate about the project. We are learning daily just like everyone else and want to continue to learn and produce excelent content for members at a steady pace. The content will only get better from here.